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 Vintage Stratton Compacts Page 2



mallard duck compact

This Stratton compact is done in goldtone and features five mallards in flight over a small patch of cat tails.  This is a collectible old compact that you don't see too often.  The mirror is has some age markings.  There is the "compact in hand" logo on the inner lid which dates this compact from 1950-1970.  This is done in the "Rondette" style - just a round compact - which was first introduced in 1959.  Since Stratton started a Mallards in Flight series done on a blue enamel background in 1966, I think that this compact must date between 1959-1965.  The sifter is present, but not the puff.  The inner and outer clasps are secure. The diameter of this piece is  3".  There is minor wear to both lid and bottom of compact. However, this compact is in very good condition and would make a remarkable addition to your display of vintage compacts

Item - COM-140  $45.99




This gold one Stratton compact is in the "Rondette" style and features a midnight blue enameled lid with swans.  It has never been used.  The mirror is clear and intact.  The full inner lid has a secure clasp.  The sifter is present, but not the puff.  The outer clasp is secure.  This piece has a diameter of  2.75".  It is in pristine condition.  This compact is a wonderful find.  This particular line - featuring the blue lid with waterfowl - was very popular and usually is found in used condition. 

Item - SCOM-129  



This goldtone Stratton set contains a compact and a lipstick holder.  The compact features a black lid with a colorful floral motif.  This style compact has an inner ring with secure clasp.  The outer clasp is secure.  The puff and sifter are both present, but the puff will need replacement as it is deteriorating with age.  The mirror is clear and intact.  This compact measures  3" in diameter.  The lipstick holder has a secure clasp and clear mirror.  It measures  2" in length and  1" in width.  This set is in pristine condition

Item - SCOM 152   $95.99





This gold tone Stratton compact features a white lid with a springtime bouquet.  The mirror is clear and intact.  This compact has no inner lid and is more suitable for solid makeup.  The puff is present.  The outer clasp is secure.  This piece has a diameter of  3".  In pristine, unused condition.

Item - SCOM 119   $65.99





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